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Passionate – We are a team of lawyers who love what we do and believe in the cases we take on.  Our clients can trust that we do not see a case as just another lawsuit, but something that is meaningful. 


Diligent – We work tirelessly for our clients to accomplish their goals.  We understand how much your case means to you and that anything less than 100% will not be sufficient.  


Efficient – We recognize that turning over every rock in a case often detracts from the bigger picture.  We pride ourselves on not losing the forest for the trees.  We also recognize that litigation is, unfortunately, very expensive.  Therefore, we pride ourselves on working to accomplish our clients’ goals without breaking the bank.  


Creative – Every case is different and a cookie cutter strategy is like forcing a square peg into a round hole.  Lawsuits are often like puzzles and we rely upon our experience, education, and plain common sense to fashion a strategy that fits your case with goals of efficiency in mind. We have learned that a win for our clients does not always involve a jury verdict or an arbitration award, but instead may involve complex solutions that take the parties away from the courthouse.  


Experienced – We try cases and argue appeals.  Collectively, our team has more experience than most firms multiple times our size.  We know what it takes to win in the courtroom.

Who we are
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Terrazas PLLC represents clients in high stakes trials and appeals.

​Based in Austin, Texas, Terrazas PLLC tries complex commercial cases in state and federal courts and arbitration tribunals across the country, and represents clients in appellate courts, up to and including the United States Supreme Court. We have won for plaintiffs and defendants in cases where millions of dollars are at stake, and more importantly, where reputations are threatened and businesses are on the line.   


Our attorneys have been recognized in Thomson Reuters - Texas Super Lawyers and Chambers USA, among other publications.  We have been recognized as the Commercial Law Firm of the Year-Texas by Corporate LiveWire for its Innovation and Excellence awards.  We have practiced with some of the best law firms in the country, and we bring that level of legal service to our clients, with the focus, efficiency, and practicality of a boutique firm.

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Michael Blue

Tel: 512-529-0613


Trey Arbuckle

Tel: 303-618-7246


Dennis Grebe

Tel: 979-557-1775 


Benjamin Dower
Senior Counsel

Tel: 512-827-7179

Lisa Sinor
Senior Counsel

Tel: 210-392-0477

Taylor Nifong

Tel: 214-789-1201

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Patrick Wolf

Tel: 734-904-3669

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Matthew Streety

Tel: 512-522-8344



1001 S Capital of Texas Hwy, Building L, Suite 250, Austin TX 78746

Tel:  512-680-3257


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